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At Home With…Rachel {The Ordinary Lovely}

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his month’s ‘At Home With…’ features someone whose home I’ve read about and admired for around five years now. I started following (NB ‘following’ should not be confused with stalking) her when she lived in Switzerland and then journeyed with her back to Blighty.

Rachel’s home has such a distinctive, modern style. I can spot her Instagram home shots a mile off and guarantee that I will always fall in love with every cushion/rug/picture/design idea that she shares. Interiors is definitely her ‘thing’, even the Daily Mail spotted it this year when they named her one of the 7 Hottest Home Bloggers!

She shares her home with her husband and two scrumptious boys, one of whom ran away during the taking of the above photograph! Let’s have a nosey around her home shall we?

Where do you live and how long have you lived in your home? 

I live in a small village in North Wales. We bought the house six years ago, rented it out for two years and then moved in ourselves four years ago.

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What were the first impressions of your home? 

We bought the house off plan while we were living in Switzerland. We never really intended to live in it; it was more of an investment purchase to rent out. We flew back to pick up the keys when it was first built and spent an hour or two walking around it before we handing it over to a rental management company.

I liked the house but never really loved it. I still feel that way, today … and it’s the reason why I spend a lot of time on RightMove!

Have you had any major work done? 

No, because the house is only six years old, we’ve not needed to do anything. It’s something I’m a bit disappointed about to be honest as I really love a project. All the houses I’m drawn to need work doing. New builds are fantastically easy to live in but perhaps a little bit boring.

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What is your favourite room in the house? 

This is a strange one. I love our living room but we don’t actually spend a great deal of time in there. It’s such a gorgeously light and bright room with all the pops of colour that I love.

But we have a little sitting area with a TV at the end of our kitchen/dining room and we all seem to gravitate towards the sofas there.

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Is there anything that you would change about your home if you could? 

I would make the garden bigger. New builds tend to have small gardens because building companies prefer to pack as many houses as possible on to a piece of land rather than give them lavish gardens. I also want a grander hallway. Next house!

What is the next home project that we can look forward to seeing on your blog?

I’m currently working on a home office makeover. I’m sick of working at the kitchen table so I’m in the process of clearing out the spare bedroom/mini office and making it a proper place to work in.

Didn’t I tell you that Rachel has an enviable eye for style? I do sometimes wonder if her home is always as tidy as it would appear in her photographs. I’m secretly hoping that she’s just like the rest of us who are madly sweeping all of the clutter out of the camera’s view!

If you’d like to keep up to date with Rachel and be inspired by her home ideas, then you’ll find her blogging at The Ordinary Lovely as well as on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Louise Fairweather

    I secretly hope that too! Love Rachel’s ideas – think I need to be braver with patterns in my home.

  • It does all look amazing! I’m jealous of pretty much everything. I love the little bits of colour against the white.

    • Suzanne W

      Really striking isn’t it? White feels so impractical to me but it is a great back drop for showcasing striking items/colours.

  • Thanks for featuring me, Suzanne. I have to admit, my house is mostly tidy. However, I’ll share a secret room with on InstaStories later so you can see how I do it. Prepare yourself!! 😉

    • Suzanne W

      Well I’m very pleased to hear that Rachel!

  • Jenny

    Oh I love rachel as a person and she is SO damn inspiring. Her home and her styling shots blow me out of the water. She is one to watch for sure. I love all that she shares and does. #wrc

  • I couldn’t agree more, Rachel has such a beautiful eye for detail and I love all the splashes of colour and personality in each room. She’s definitely one of my favourite interiors blogger.

  • Sarah Christie

    Aw I love Rachel has such great taste and it the most gorgeous person. we have such different taste but I adore her style x

  • Morgana

    I’m a HUGE Rachel fan. Like you I’ve followed her on her current blog and the one before it. Her home style is so inspiring and I’m always picking up tips from her. xx

    • Suzanne W

      And me, I love that about blogging and Instagram, don’t you?

  • Just perfection isn’t it and what an accolade too! I adore her style and wish I had her eye xx

  • Kerri-Ann

    I love how much colour is injected in Rachel’s home yet it still looks so stylish and peaceful

  • Steph Curtis

    What a gorgeous home! Love that sofa too – can I ask Rachel where it’s from please?! We need a new one!

    • Suzanne W

      I’m not sure where Rachel’s is from but we bought a corner sofa from Sofa Workshop a few months ago and are really pleased with it. Would highly recommend ??

  • I love The Ordinary Lovely! Her house is beautiful and I always feel inspired when I see the images she shares.

  • Tracey Williams

    I love Rachel’s home and she is proof that you can add colour to a blank canvas. And I still swoon over her gin pegboard every time I see it. Lovely insight Suzanne x

  • Jo Warren

    Where did you buy the lovely laundry hamper from?

    • Suzanne

      Hi Jo, this blog post was written 3 years ago but I’m still in touch with Rachel so hold fire, I will ask her! xx

  • Jo Warren

    Re hamper saw Rachel green and white laundry hamper tried everywhere!

    • suzanne

      I now can’t work out which laundry hamper you mean – which photo can you see it in and I can ask her? 🙂

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