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Jazzy Scarves, Autumn Puddings and a Bit of Birdy Love #LittleLoves

Red Magazine Rosie Green

For some reason, this week has dragged by super slowly. Not that I’m wishing my life away you understand, I’ve just been so tired. Every day I’ve woken up, longing for it to be the weekend and for the alarm to be a mistake. Now that we are finally in sniffing distance and I have a girlie overnight break to look forward to, I’m beginning to perk up. So what about the last seven days? Well here are my Little Loves for this week…


I’ve been on a mission this week, to keep the Mum Meltdown at bay. Although I’m still working on getting to bed earlier, I have been  implementing small acts of self-kindness on a daily basis. Earlier in the week, I bought a copy of Red magazine. I have a nasty habit of buying magazines and then never finding the time to actually read them but this week I found the perfect opportunity whilst sitting in yet another waiting room. I always go straight to Rosie Green’s column which never fails to make me chuckle.

Red Magazine Rosie Green


I have to say that we are spoilt for choice as far as TV viewing goes at the moment. After a total drought over the summer, darker evenings are being brightened up with new crime dramas and the return of my favourite reality TV show – The Apprentice. Aside from that, I have bitten my nails through another gripping episode of The Fall this week – so good!


There’s a certain TV advert that catches my attention every single time I hear the music’s opening bars. The advert is for Lloyds bank (a pretty inconsequential piece of information) and I just find the music so incredibly moving. This week I discovered that it is sung by Birdy and is called Wings. Do you know it? This is the acoustic version and I played it over and over again this week.


Autumn is my favourite season for many reasons not least because it gives me a great excuse to cover up the pasty white skin (only two weeks to go before I bare all in Turkey eek!). This week I’ve enjoyed resurrecting my cosy knits and jazzy scarves – the perfect Autumn combo.


Another reason to love Autumn is puddings; proper old-school puddings that your granny used to make. Crumble is my favourite and having picked some blackberries on Sunday afternoon, we indulged in an apple and blackberry crumble with a serving of vanilla ice cream on the side. Yummy.

And lastly…

I simply have to share the exciting news that my girl and I finally visited our local IKEA store on Friday of last week. Can you believe it’s only 20 minutes away and it’s taken us 3 months to pay a visit?  We had a lovely morning wandering around the entire store, picking up various items that we don’t need but were so cheap it felt rude not to buy. Kiln jars seemed to be a firm favourite. And cushions. Lots of cushions.



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  • Jill

    I love that advert too – and it’s not just the music, which I agree is moving. It gets my full attention every time but I won’t be changing to Lloyds because of it!

    • Suzanne W

      Nope. Me neither! Perhaps it didn’t do what they were hoping…

  • Plutonium Sox

    Ooh I love scarves too, need to dig mine out. I am also a huge fan of the Apprentice, thank goodness it’s back, I have no idea what I do with my Thursday evenings the rest of the year!

    • Suzanne W

      Scarves galore here! There are so many great programmes on Thursday evening, we’re spoilt for choice! x

  • Stacie

    You can never have too many cushions! Our nearest IKEA is over 1h 30mins away, which is good for my bank balance! I love a good crumble too, need to make one soon and eat it with lots of double cream. Delicious! Doing something for you is so important isn’t it? I’ve been poorly this week and realised that I might just need to slow down a bit, and take time out every now and then! Enjoy your weekend xx

    • Suzanne W

      Yes I hadn’t been to Ikea for years because before this one opened up, our nearest was 1.5 hours away too. Definitely slow down. Life’s too short! x

  • Morgana

    Oh my goodness how cringeworthy was last nights Apprentice?? I’m not sure I can cope with a whole series of it, I honestly don’t know where they find these people!
    I just what you mean about that Lloyds advert, it always catches my attention because of this song, it’s just so beautiful. I’ve loved listening to it while reading your post and writing my comment.
    Have a lovely weekend Suzanne xx

    • Suzanne W

      The Apprentice was pretty bad wasn’t it? Not as good a start as usual. I shall be continuing with it and getting hooked though, I’m sure! x

  • Sarah Christie

    I am like you TV is not always on my radar especially in the summer but I am loving the autumn nights and sat by the fire watching strictly and x factor! And do you know what? I have 3 magazine subscriptions and I never get time to read any of them ! So lovely to have you back Suzanne xx

    • Suzanne W

      Ha ha I love that you have 3 subscriptions and never read any! I think that’s the blogger’s curse striking you down. I’m trying to make a concerted effort to read more books too 🙂 X

  • The trip to Ikea sounds fun! We’re terrible at watching TV. I just never have the time. I did manage to watch The Apprentice and Bake Off, but I’m currently recording two crime dramas, which I will never get around to watching!
    I still haven’t moved into autumn clothes. TBH when you just wear jeans, Tshirt and hoodie every day there isn’t really such a thing as autumn clothes (or spring, summer or winter clothes!).
    Hope you enjoy your weekend seeing as it’s been so long coming!

    • Suzanne W

      Ha ha love that you have a year-round wardrobe! Are you still in flip flops? Far too chilly for me lol!

  • Jenny

    I wish Ikea was that close to me I would be there all the time. It’s so far but worth it. Love cushions I need new ones. The jazzy scarves suit you. I love a good scarf. Live in them over the winter. Have a lovely week ahead #littleloves

  • Tracey Williams

    Just typing this as I listen to the song, how beautiful is it (far too beautiful for a banking advert he he). Our local Ikea is also 20 minutes away which is quite frankly a dangerous distance. Far too easy to just pop in and buy tealights, cushions and other random crap you don’t actually need (well that is what the husband says anyway) . Hope you had a great girlie night away, and how good are they for the soul getting together with friends #littleloves x

  • Emma T

    Missed you over here!

    I love Ikea, but it’s an hour or so away from us so a bit of a mission. I’m a big scarf fan too – I had 2 new ones for my birthday. The only problem is that I get too hot by halfway through the day at the moment. I’m sure hitting 40 has got me having hot flushes!

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