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Staying Cosy in Winter with LOTD

faux fur pink coat

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] remember announcing to my sister-in-law that I was going skiing for the first time and she almost fell off her chair:

“But you hate the cold!”

She’s right, I do hate the cold, but over the years I’ve made it my mission to find ways to keep warm in winter. I regularly wear leggings or thermals under my jeans and my ‘coatigan’ is a firm fixture during the winter months – indoors and out!

I love winter fashion; the cosy factor is made for me and being able to disguise that extra layer of body fat that appears almost as soon as we kiss goodbye to the summer months, is an added bonus.

When LOTD asked me if I would like to choose a few items to build up my winter wardrobe, I was spoilt for choice. True to form I went straight for anything that looked snuggly and these have become firm favourites already.

So what will I be wearing this winter to ensure that I stay warm and cosy?

The Oversized Cardigan

The over-sized cardigan is a great addition to any wardrobe as it can be worn over t-shirts on slightly cooler days or long-sleeve tops/jumpers on those really bitter mornings. The fact that it’s perfectly acceptable to wear indoors is an added bonus!

This oversized hooded knitted cardigan from LOTD is available in grey and a brown too. Here are a few others that you can find on the high street right now…

The Teddy Coat

The teddy coat has been around for a while and I am drawn to it like a bee to a honey pot. Some are made from the more soft and fluffy faux fur (something I threatened to start wearing last year) and others are more the rough, tufty type. Both look cosy but the softer kind has touch appeal as well – what’s not to like?

I am loving this dusky pink one that I was sent by LOTD, it really is so warm and affordable too!

Here are a few more options you can find on the high street…

The Blanket Scarf

I purchased my first blanket scarf last year and couldn’t wait to resurrect it once the frosty mornings became a regular feature. It’s the perfect accessory for wearing indoors when I am being told that September is too early for the heating to go on ?.

There are a lot of blanket scarves available on the high street that would make great Christmas presents…

The Chunky Knit

The chunky knit is probably a long-standing wardrobe staple for me, mainly because it goes with everything but looks especially good with jeans. I think I’ve been wearing jeans every day for two decades now!

Over the last few months I have lived in chunky knit jumpers and there are loads available on the high street that continue to turn my head…


Thanks to LOTD I think that’s my winter wardrobe covered (said no fashion lover ever ?). What’s your favourite winter fashion item that you cannot live without?

*Disclosure: this post was written in collaboration with LOTD and also contains affiliate links*

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  • I spend approximately seven months of the year obsessed with trying to stay warm! I like the look of the oversized cardigan. I usually wear my gilet indoors over a hoodie and two layers of T-shirts. And I’m still cold! I won’t ever put the heating on when I’m alone in the house though!

  • Ooh gorgeous choices!! I really want to get myself a teddy coat but am yet to find ‘the one’. This colour looks beautiful on you. I run cold too so am a big fan of layers at this time of year. I just hate being cold.

    • Suzanne W

      Gosh me too. I’ve seen loads of gorgeous teddy coats still available. Top Shop has some good ones but LOTD do as well – I was spoilt for choice! I think it would look great on you 🙂

  • Kerri-Ann

    Love your choices, as you know I do love a pink coat! And ps yes it is absolutely blooming freezing

    • Suzanne W

      Ha ha yes you are the queen of the pink coat!

  • Jenny

    Chunky knits and blanket scarves you had me at COZY lady so beautiful. That teddy coat looks fab on you too. What a lovely and inspiring round up I need to go shopping now. #wrc

    • Suzanne

      Thank you Jenny. My blanket scarf is a permanent fixture at the moment!

  • I am ALWAYS cold and absolutely hate it. Like you I live in jeans and jumpers but I think I might have to invest in one of those blanket scarves – they look toasty warm

    • Suzanne

      I’m the same Chloe, my coat is often on indoors! Now I just need some cosy slippers 🙂

  • I LOVE that coat Suzanne!!!!! Just gorgeous — I’ve got a soft spot for faux fur — especially at this time of year!! 🙂

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