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5 Things That I Am Too Old For (but will be embracing anyway)

Faux Leather Jacket H&M

Confession: I am 45 years old and have no idea who I am any more.

That got your attention didn’t it? Ok I’m exaggerating a little but somewhere in between teaching 3 children to poop on the toilet (instead of the floor) and getting them all successfully enrolled in secondary school, I’ve lost my way a little. I’m bored of wearing the school mum uniform of knee high boots and a jazzy scarf. And before you hide your legs under the table or whip your scarf off, I know I’m not alone!

If I analyse this a bit deeper, I’m not all that confident in myself any more – either in what I like (that can be home decor, hair styles, clothes, make up or even TV series) or what suits me. I get swayed so easily by what other people are doing and what I think I should be liking (I blame Instagram and Pinterest for that!) that I quickly become bamboozled and end up making no decisions at all.

Having teenage daughters can sometimes be helpful but if you’re looking for a confidence boost you ain’t gonna get it from that direction. The one time I wore red lipstick I was accused of looking like a transvestite and my eldest daughter literally dragged me away from the faux leather bomber jackets the other day.

Well enough is enough!

In an attempt to regain my confidence, I am determined to embrace some things that I’ve been deliberating over for a while now. Things that if asked, most people (certainly my daughters) would say I’m too old for. Things that I *might* just have tucked away in my wardrobe for a Red Letter Day…

leather jackets on women over 40, over 40 style, fashion for the over 40s

1. Faux Leather (and fur)

I’ve lumped these two together because they are both ‘faux’ and because they are both items I have recently declared myself as ‘too old’ for. But I love them! So why not? I think that this will become my new mantra.

If you caught up with myLittle Loves post last week you will know that the faux leather jacket has already been sourced (but is as yet unworn) and the faux fur gilet I have got my eye on is currently in the sale. Watch this space.

2. Braces

Before you think I’ve gone out of my mind, I’m not talking about the ones that hold up your trousers, but the kind that straightens your teeth. This is one that I’ve stopped deliberating over…five years later and I’m doing it!

I’ve had my first appointment for the Invisalign braces and it’s all systems go. There’s a minor hitch in that the impressions they got last week weren’t good enough so I’ve got to go through the whole saga again. Please tell me that I’m not the only person who gagged like a neurotic child whilst having this done? The thought of doing it all again tomorrow fills me with dread but there’s no pain without gain, right?

3. Gilmore Girls

Ok so this is a bit of a red herring but technically it falls under the same category – something that I am probably too old for. Most people who adore Gilmore Girls are somewhere between the ages of 25 and 35, but when it was first aired back in the 2000s I was nursing a baby whilst trying to avoid morning sickness with my second one. I did not have time for watching the TV.

My husband regularly questions “Do you actually like this programme? No really, do you?” (I haven’t disclosed the fact that there are 6 series!). Well the answer to that question is yes, I do. My daughter and I have decided that Stars Hollow is the first place on our Bucket List and if you tell me it doesn’t exist, I might just question whether you need to start thinking outside of your middle age box – live a little people!

4. Short Skirts

Don’t panic, I’m steering clear of the leopard print (that was just a one time outing for a fancy dress party). Although they are definitely lacking some colour, when encased in thick black tights, my legs are actually ok. Shouldn’t I be embracing that?

That question was rhetorical by the way.

5. Trainers

Ah the trainers….every teenage girl’s favourite wardrobe essential. Why not every middle aged mums? They are practical, comfortable and stylish. Ok the Adidas Flux or Nike Air Max might be going a little too far but these babies have got my name written all over them…


On more than one occasion this year, I’ve heard myself declaring: ‘Oh I’m far too old for that’. Well call it a midlife crisis if you will, but I’m going to be casting off the midlife shackles and saying ‘to heck with it!‘ a little more often. Care to join me?

What have you embraced this year that the nay sayers might have something to say about?

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  • Liz

    Good things to do Suzanne. You will be old someday so you have no need to embrace it now ! I have just bought myself a denim skirt – shock horror – it is on my knees and I love it. Slightly disapproving look from some of my brood ! Now for the ” what do I wear to son’s wedding ” complicated by the fact I need to loose a stone!

  • Louise Fairweather

    You aren’t too old for anything. my OH got his teeth done a couple of years ago and hasn’t looked back. He is much happier with straight teeth x

  • Jill

    Hmm. I am 73 and love the Gilmore girls. Ever since I was fifty I have been bemoaning the fact that ” I don’t know what I want any more”.

    Gets worse when they leave home.

  • Love this! There’s no such thing as ‘too old’, everyone should enjoy what they enjoy, whether they’re 15, 45 or 75. Good luck with it!
    I always assumed I’d take my nose piercing out when I turned 25. Well I’m 43 now and that baby ain’t going anywhere! I’m not trying anything new as such, but I do dress like a 15 year old boy anyway! (Actually my 13yo son has just acquired those exact trainers.)

  • Mary Mayfield

    I seem to have had a complete year of doing things that folk might think inappropriate for my age – from going to music events better suited to youngsters, to camping at my first festival. At first I was concerned I’d stick out and look ridiculous but then I saw a news item about an elderly Polick couple out clubbing in London and I decided life was too short!

  • Michelle twin mum

    I love that you are embracing the things you like and others might not. You have an awesome figure, so wear what you like. Mich x

  • Haha! Love this Suzanne… never too old. Huge Stars Hollow fan here too, and just for the record, there are seven series, plus the new episodes on Netflix… hours of fun!xx

  • Amanda Masters

    I just love this! You’re never too old for things that make you happy.
    I’m at a point where I’m trying to figure out who I am, I may just take a leaf out your book and embrace who I think/want to be rather than who I think I should be as a mother.
    And yes, Stars Hollow is real, well based on a real town at least, where I shall be moving as soon as I can convince the OH that he enjoys coffee and Gilmore Girls.

  • Keira @ Dekko Bird

    You’re only as old as you feel so I say if you want it, wear it! A lovely post x

  • Not A Frumpy Mum

    Definitely embrace the short skirts, I wear them a lot more now than I ever did in my 20’s! Oh, and please get the fur gilet, I got one in Autumn and I love it. Perfect when you want a bit of extra glamour. xx

  • Donna

    I loved this post as, although I’m a little younger than you, I could relate so much! The leather really suits you and I think you could pull of the gilet too! I’m also getting braces, and it was meant to be at the end of our extension, with the last of our contingency money but due to the work costing more than we anticipated the braces may be on hold for a while. Please blog about your experiences :_ I love Gilmore Girls too x

    • Suzanne W

      I will Donna. Went back for my moulds to be done again today *gags*. Hopefully we are now all systems go but yes, it is expensive. I’ll let you know how I get on 🙂 xx

  • Plutonium Sox

    Oh I feel exactly the same. I’m finally starting to start buying some clothes, although I bought a dress today and when I put it on at home I realised that even if I wasn’t too old for it, I was definitely too fat! Oh well, diet here we come! I love that faux leather jacket, it looks fab on you.

  • Sara | mumturnedmom

    Love this! You’re never too old for things you love. Look forward to seeing how you get on with the Invisalign, something that’s been at the back of my mind for years. Maybe next year when I turn 45 too 🙂

  • Lauranne

    You do right. Since losing Dad I have cared a lot less about what people think and now I have some awesome knee high boots, that once upon a time I wouldn’t have been brave enough to buy!

  • Phil @ Moneyless Man

    I think it’s brilliant that you’re embracing things you enjoy. Where’s the fun in following what everyone else is doing? Sometimes I think people just follow the “I’m such and such age now, so this stuff is no longer appropriate”. In reality, we’d all enjoy our lives much more if we just spent time being what we want to be rather than what we’re told to be.

    Good on you!

    • Suzanne W

      Absolutely Phil. I definitely used to fall into that camp but I think our rebellious streak kicks in as we get older too!

  • Helen Wills

    Suzanne, I think you and I are in exactly the same life stage frame of mind! This was me last year too. Never owned a leather jacket, now completely going for it and not caring what anyone thinks. 🙂

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