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Bad Moms, Christmas Markets and an Advent Fail #LittleLoves

Winchester Christmas Market

[dropcap]I [/dropcap]decided a while ago to pull back from writing a Little Loves post at the end of every week. It was slowly becoming a chore rather than a pleasure and finding the time to read (and make) something every week was adding to the pressure of an already busy life.

The new plan is to write a post at the end of every month, which will hopefully be action packed and thus a more enjoyable read for you all.

November. Where do I start? It seems to have been and gone in a whirlwind; so much so that I was caught out with the advent calendars yet again. When will I learn that venturing into Waitrose three days before the big event is going to leave me grabbing at the only calendar left? The £10 Lindt bunny one! Whilst my purse might be a little lighter, there were some happy faces around the breakfast table this morning.

On to my Little Loves for the month of November…


Behind her eyes

I often find myself reaching for a book at 11pm so an easy read is all that I’m capable of digesting at that time of night. I’m really enjoying ‘Behind Her Eyes’ which definitely falls into this category. The story has captivated me all the way through and I’m now on the last few chapters but still haven’t sussed the plot twist. No spoilers please!

I’m on the hunt for a good December read now, so if you’ve got any recommendations please leave them in the comments below.


Aside from jumping on the ‘I’m a Celebrity’ band wagon this week, I simply must mention  ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’ which I saw at the cinema last week.

I went with my friend and we dragged our 16 year old daughters along too. I wasn’t 100% sure it would be suitable for them (or any of us!) but oh my goodness how we laughed!

You will see from the photograph that the cast was excellent and the characters were utterly hilarious. If you haven’t seen it and fancy a good laugh, then this is the film for you. Make sure you haven’t got your prudish pants on though ?.


‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ by Andy Williams has been my Christmas song of choice this week – a British classic.

Other than that, I have been loving Stormzy’s ‘Blinded by your Grace’. Have a listen to the lyrics, they move me every time. I wonder what will be Christmas no. 1 this year…


I went Christmas shopping last week and a few clothing items just happened to fall into my basket, including this cosy knit from River Island.

I seem to have an abundance of grey jumpers in my wardrobe, so this colour jumped out at me when I saw it on the hanger. It certainly brightens up a frosty November morning.

I’ve also been living in my faux fur teddy coat this week and have had a lot of people snuggling up to it! The coat was gifted to me by LOTD along with a few other items to pad out my winter wardrobe.


I made a trip to Winchester last Sunday with a group of mum friends who I’ve known since my girls were at primary school – about 13 years now.

We devoured the Christmas market, sampled the mulled wine and even went ice skating! Rounding the day off nicely with tapas in a local restaurant.

Winchester market

I am sometimes reluctant to do these things, feeling as though we have too much on and that I need to be at home, but you know what? It did us all the world of good and reminded me how important time out really is.

And Lastly

Last weekend really was a busy one. On Saturday I went Christmas shopping in Bracknell’s brand new shopping centre – The Lexicon. Anyone who is local will know just how long we’ve been anticipating the grand transformation of this town.

I am pleased to report that The Lexicon is exactly what they promised and more! It’s the perfect size for a shopping centre with all the high street shops you might need but not so big that you get confused or lose your car in the car park (true story).

There’s so much going on at The Lexicon this Christmas with carol singing every Wednesday evening until the big day and the shops are open until 8pm! Perfect for those last minute stocking fillers.

You’ll also find this cute post box situated outside Pandora (convenient ?) available for shoppers to post a Christmas wish request for someone who they think deserves a treat this Christmas. How cute is that?

Christmas Wish Box Lexicon BracknellAs you can see, I didn’t have any trouble spending the £50 Lexicon gift voucher that I was given before leaving…

Christmas shopping bags

How are you feeling about Christmas? Are you all done and dusted or on the verge of a nervous breakdown? I’m somewhere in the middle but looking forward to putting up my other Christmas tree this weekend (my husband isn’t aware of this news just yet ?).

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Inside, Outside & Beyond




  • Renee @ Mummytries

    Sounds like a fab week Suzanne! If it makes you feel better I’m not doing an advent this year at all. 2013 was elf on the shelf *never again* and the past three years I’ve tried to do something different – such as our kindness challenge last year – but I’ve come to realise that my lot are too easily over excited and counting down = excitement overload!! So I’m trying nothing this year, wish me luck ? I’m seeing Bad Moms next week with a bestie, cannot wait, I loved the first one. Have a great weekend ?

    • Suzanne W

      Oh Bad Moms is such an escape from reality – you’ll love it! We don’t do much re: advent either. I actually can’t find our traditional felt advent calendar with chocolate and bible verses – I think it’s in the loft!

  • I’ve been missing your round-ups, but I totally get why you’ve cut back! I’ve been tempted to join in the past, but didn’t think I would have enough to share. Made – nothing (again). Wore – Superdry hoodie (again). It might get a little boring!
    The new shopping centre looks lovely and what a fab idea to go out with your friends for the day.
    I’m definitely going to check out your book, using my stash of book tokens. I’ve got lots of recommendations for December reads. Well, they’re just ‘reads’, not December ones. I don’t buy into all this ‘reading Christmas books’ crap. I just keep reading my thrillers!
    And I’m probably closer to the nervous breakdown than the all prepared end of the spectrum. Lots of shopping still to do, all my cards to write and all my presents to wrap. And no time to do it!

    • Suzanne

      Ah thank you for saying you’ve missed my round ups – makes it all worthwhile! You made me laugh with your Little Loves posts but you could do it every month couldn’t you? Christmas cards are always the last thing I do when perhaps they should be the first. Trying to work out what method I should take this year – send to everyone or just people I don’t see very often?

  • Anna-Marie

    Love the colour and style of your jumper! Gorgeous.. I really need to get watching the first Bad Moms! Im still waiting for it to appear on Netflix! I am so behind with the times with that film, but I have heard so much about it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Popping over from #littleloves xx

    • Suzanne

      I haven’t seen the first one either but am inspired to now! It was so funny.

  • Plutonium Sox

    Oh gosh, I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet. That jumper is gorgeous, love the colour. Are you enjoying I’m a celeb this year? My husband usually loves it but we’re not watching it much this year. It’s never really been my thing but even he seems to have cut back. Can you please put your tunes at the top of the post? It is creating a nice soundtrack to your blog post but I would like to have the soundtrack for the whole post. Thanks 😉

    • Suzanne

      I agree with your husband actually, I haven’t been nearly as hooked this year, I think it might be past its best sadly. I’ll consider rearranging by post next month just for you! x

  • Janet

    What a great idea to make a trip to a Christmas market with friends. So often we try to organise drinks or a meal and actually something more deliberate and structured like that would work so well. I also love that Stormzy song, goosebumps! #littleloves

  • Tracey Williams

    I tend to join in with Little Loves every 2 weeks as I always think my life is not that interesting to do every week. Will look forward to your monthly write ups Suzanne. You are totally rocking that pink jacket and I am dying to see Bad Moms 2. I saw the first one and laughed the whole way through it. Your day out at the markets with friends sounds wonderful, and I agree that sometimes we just need to do these things #littleloves x

  • Emma

    Ahhh, the Winchester Christmas market looks magical. I did my first year of uni there and would love to go back one day. I really need to get my arse in gear and catch up on films. I’ve still not seen the first Bad Mums.

  • Sarah Christie

    I love that sweater such a fab shape, and I totally know what you mean about planing stuff and then thinking you are too busy but them having an amazing time. Its so important to make that time to have fun isnt it? x

  • Morgana

    I’m off to see Bad Moms Christmas tonight! Looking forward to relaxing and having a laugh.
    That Stormzy song is fantastic isn’t it? I really gives me goosebumps whenever it comes on the radio xx

  • Mum Reinvented

    Love that coat, it looks so lovely and warm! I need to get myself to the cinema to see Bad Moms Christmas, I’ve wanted to see it since seeing the trailer ages ago. Looks like you had a lovely time in Winchester. Have a great week x

  • Gail

    Sounds like you’ve had a busy week Suzanne, I can understand what you mean about the weekly Little Loves posts. At the moment I’m really enjoying it but if it starts to feel like a struggle I’ll cut back too. How nice to get out to a Christmas market and you’re right, it’s so important to take a bit of time out and see friends xx

  • Kerri-Ann

    I love that colour jumper on you. Your festive day with your friends sounds lovely, we haven’t managed to get to the markets this year which has made me a little sad. We’ll have to change that next year. Have a great festive period and see you in the new year x

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