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Summer Bag Anyone?

April might be a self-declared ‘No New Clothes’ month but no one said anything about accessories now did they? So this month I will be having a little nosey around the internet (one of my favourite past-times) in search of a few gems that I will willingly share with you lovely lot.

Bags, I’m obsessed with them. I have a bag for pretty much every occasion and each item of footwear in my possession. I think long and hard about what I need from said bag before purchasing, and usually invest in something that will last me a while. Right now? I have no summer bag and I’m starting to stress a little about it.

I’m certain that the internet knows exactly what I’m thinking at any given moment because no sooner had I banned myself from buying any new clothes, than the most gorgeous bag popped up on my Instagram feed. Of course it stopped me in my tracks and if you’re a bag- lover like me, you will understand exactly why…

The Holy Grail of Bags

A thing of beauty, no? But with a whopping price tag of just under £1000 for this Mulberry Tyndale Bag, it was time to let my fingers do the walking. So here are some affordable alternatives to the Mulberry Tyndale bag; some are leather, some clearly not. Price tag wise, I’m starting from the top down.

Mint Velvet Nude Erin Slouchy Shopper – £129.00

I have one bag already from Mint Velvet and it as an absolute winner – such good quality and I regularly receive comments on it. I love the metallic on this bag and I would probably never have considered pink before but it’s this season’s must-have colour, so why not?

Marks & Spencer Sofia Bucket Hobo Bag – £99.00

This bag is leather and looks it. I don’t think it’s bad for the price and the simplicity makes it chic and a style/colour that will pretty much go with anything.

Dune Grey Donnie Slouch Bag – £75.00

I often go to Dune when I’m in search of a new bag but I have to admit that the last one I bought wasn’t good value for money. However, this one has me written all over it. Bear in mind though, it is a lot of money for a bag that isn’t leather. Just FYI, it also comes in a rather gorgeous tan colour.

Urban Outfitters BDG Slouch Strap Tote Bag – £39.00

I’ve never really shopped in Urban Outfitters before but I know that my teenager daughters love it – does that make me too old? (Don’t answer that). I think this bag would go with absolutely anything, and it’s huge! The only downside is that it might become one of those bags where you rummage around forever, not being able to find anything when you need it.

River Island Khaki Contrast Slouch Bag – £37.00

Another ‘slouch’ bag but this time with a slightly smarter look. I love the contrasting colours on this bag and what you can’t see from this picture is that the reverse side of the bag is khaki with cream as the contrasting colour. 

Oasis Reversible Bow Shopper – £30.00

This bag has the added detail of a pretty bow. Very cute and a good price too – not sure you could go wrong with this one.

Warehouse Bonded Cross Body Bag – £29.95

I’ve always fancied a cross-body bag largely because I think they can be dressed up or down – wear with jeans or to work with a floaty skirt (not that I own one) and pretty top. This bag is a reasonable size too with dimensions of 26 x 27.5 x 25 cms.  

New Look Grey Chain Shoulder Bag – £22.99

Another slouch bag and look at the price! New Look certainly beats any other high street store on price (bar perhaps Primark but I refuse to stoop that low). This bag is also available in a a pale pink/cream colour.

Which is your favourite? Do you have a bag for all seasons?


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