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Top Gun, Tasty Treats and an Exciting Delivery #LittleLoves

As I write, the skies are grey, there’s a hint of rain in the air and I’m still contemplating my vote later on this afternoon. Never before have I researched so much before voting; never before have I been so undecided as to where I’ll be putting my cross. I know it’s a privilege to vote and I certainly wouldn’t insult the suffragettes by staying at home, but I really am feeling confused this time round.

So there’s been a lot of election talk in our house this week. I’ve also been out more evenings than I’ve been in, so it’s been a busy one. As always, I’m here to share the lovely aspects…


Despite being out a lot this week, I have managed to crack on with the book as promised. I’ve not got far through it but far enough to know that it’s a light-hearted, extremely well written, moving tale of childhood in the 1970s – something I can relate to. I have a feeling that the plot will thicken as the two young girls delve further into the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Mrs Creasy.


Those of you who read my Little Loves post last week, might remember that I was due to go to a Silent Cinema screening last weekend. Unless it involved Laurel and Hardy, I was intrigued as to how a film could be ‘silent’, but was looking forward to it anyway.

The more cultured amongst you will know that a Silent Cinema actually means that you sit in the open air, watching a large screen with headphones on. Aside from the rain early on, it was great fun. The funniest part was going to the loo in the dark, walking back across the field to a sea of lit up headphones and little else!

The film was Top Gun; I had forgotten what a great film it is.


Election talk. Yes, I have heard little else this week and don’t expect it to stop any time soon. Will you be staying up all night to watch the results come in?

I also heard that our renewed passports are winging their way to us any day now which means that we will be going on holiday next month – phew! They only took two weeks to be returned which is an amazingly efficient service.


I have nothing clothes-wise to share this week, mainly because it’s felt like winter here in Berkshire and I couldn’t bring myself to take any photographs! Winter boots have been my footwear of choice – what a disappointment. I do hope it’s been nicer where you are.

I have been wearing a rather gorgeous facial oil that I purchased from Cult, last month. I’ve been applying it every day for a month and whilst I can’t say it has worked miracles, my face certainly feels more hydrated and it smells absolutely gorgeous. Remember the perfume that as children, we used to make out of rose petals? It smells just like that and is full of various youth-boosting oils to ‘enhance elasticity and leave your skin luminous’. Show me a 46 year old woman who doesn’t want some of that?!



Stop the press…I actually made something! When I bake (rarely), I feel like I’m winning at life – weird but true. Lemon drizzle is the easiest, most delicious cake to bake and is a winner with everyone in our house.

My Book Group girls certainly enjoyed it, as did my husband who managed to devour a slice before it had even cooled down! I used Tana Ramsay’s recipe and would certainly recommend.

And Lastly…

You might have noticed that my photos this week have largely featured a wooden table top and some fur. That’s because my long-awaited delivery from Cox and Cox has arrived!

Cox and Cox rattan chair

This is definitely my new favourite corner of the home; perfect for reading a book in…eating cake…drinking coffee…or all of the aforementioned! And if you’re eyeing up that beautiful leather-bound journal, I’ve currently got a competition running to win one of two journals, so do feel free to enter.

And that just about wraps up our week. We are looking forward to a BBQ with friends on Saturday evening – just hoping that the weather got the memo too! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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  • Plutonium Sox

    Oh I just love Top Gun and lemon drizzle cake. I basically want your week. I didn’t stay up for the election result but I think the most positive thing that came out of it is that so many young people have voted this time. The last thing we need right now is voter apathy and I’m glad they’re standing up and being counted in the decision about their future.

    • Suzanne W

      Obviously I only mentioned the good bits of my week, Nat! I stayed up until about 12.30 but was so tired that I thought it could wait until the morning. I was surprised at how accurate the exit polls were. And yes, great that so many young voted 🙂

  • Amanda

    Oh you’ve made me want to go and watch Top Gun while eating lemon drizzle cake!

  • It sounds like a good week! Would you believe I’ve never seen Top Gun? My friend who lends me lots of books has been reading The Trouble with Goats and Sheep. It sounds like one I should borrow from her.

    • Suzanne W

      Woah. You’ve never seen Top Gun? Rectify this immediately!

  • Not A Frumpy Mum

    I love lemon drizzle cake, it is my joint favourite with chocolate and always better in summer. I’ll have to check out the recipe. Love your delivery from Cox and Cox, what a gorgeous corner of your house. xx

    • Suzanne W

      Yeah loving my new little corner. Lemon Drizzle Cake and Carrot Cake are the two contenders for top slot here!

  • Stacie

    Oh, that cake looks delicious. I could eat some right now! I’ve heard lots of good things about The Trouble with Goats and Sheep, another one for the list.

    That little snug area of your home looks so inviting! Enjoy your weekend xx

  • Kerri-Ann Hargreaves

    Ooh I love the idea of the silent cinema and I can imagine Top Gun would be great to watch in an open air cinema. Sounds like a busy but lovely week. Thanks for joining in with #littleloves this week

    • Suzanne W

      It was a positive week thank you. Lots of nice things going on. x

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