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Why We Need to Keep Asking Why?

There are so many things we can get drawn into nowadays isn’t there? In the world of blogging, this couldn’t be truer. I started my first blog six years ago and straight away, felt the need to have dedicated social media accounts. Everyone else seemed to be doing it, so surely that was the right way to go?

At the time, Twitter and Facebook seemed to be where it was at and Pinterest was on the rise. You Tube was only really for the likes of Zoella and even though Instagram launched in 2010, it wasn’t on my radar until a few years later. Then as we all know, the brilliant Instagram Stories took over last year and now we even have Instagram TV – phew!

If you’re able to have a presence on all of these channels, then I take my hat off to you because I knew right from the beginning, I would never be able to.

Let’s talk about You Tube for a moment. I’ve only recently started subscribing to certain channels and am loving watching what people are up to whilst putting on my make up in the morning. Whilst I might enjoy watching You Tube, I’m not going to be starting my own channel any time soon – why? For various reasons really but to name a few: my children would be mortified, I’m not sure I’ve got anything new to bring, I have zero editing skills and most importantly, I don’t want to.

Why Ask Why?

I’ve been pondering a lot this year on why I do what I do and why I don’t do other things – my reasons behind those decisions and if they’re legitimate ones. At times, asking the ‘Why?’ question has left me paralysed with days on end of no blogging and silence on social media. But I’ve started to realise how important it is to focus on the ‘Why?’ in all areas of my life…

Why do I feel upset? Why am I feeling uneasy about this situation? Why do I want to take on this extra challenge? Why am I writing this blog post? Why am I sharing this picture on Instagram? Why do I want say ‘yes’ to this collaboration?

As I said before about not wanting to start a Youtube channel, the answer can often be a simple one: I don’t want to. Another common one for me is that I don’t have the time. These are both great reasons for not doing something but what about reasons for doing something?

I’ve learnt that sometimes it’s okay to do something simply because you enjoy it. It’s also okay to share a picture on Instagram because you like it and I’ve had to give myself permission to do both of these at times, in order to break the paralysis that overthinking can lead to.

Sometimes however, the answer to the ‘Why?’ is a bit more complicated, even uncomfortable – especially those feeling questions! On occasion the answer has made me realise that actually, what I was about to do isn’t the right ‘next step’ for me or even the friendship I am investing so much time in, is currently doing me more harm than good.

As you know, I am a self-confessed FOMO sufferer so asking the ‘Why?’ question is particularly important for me – just because everyone else is doing it, that is not a green light for me to jump on board.

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Asking myself the ‘Why?’ question with regard to what I do, has given me the confidence to stay on track. As I began this post by talking about blogging, let’s take that as an example…

On occasion I know that I have been far too heavily influenced by others: I need to post on Instagram every day because that’s what everyone else is doing; I don’t want to talk too much about my faith or I might lose readers; I need to get to grips with Pinterest because the experts say that’s what will drive traffic to my blog; I need to say ‘yes’ to a brand collaboration soon or I may not get asked again.

When I ask myself ‘Why?’ I am reminded that this is not the reason why I started blogging in the first place. I never intended to make money from it, I don’t want it to be my career and I’m definitely not chasing fame in any way shape or form. I began my blog because I enjoy writing and whilst there’s some talk about blogging being a dying art, I don’t think that I will ever stop. Writing is my passion and without wanting to blow my own trumpet, I do think that is where my talent lies.

Yes I have occasionally worked with brands and you will see the odd collaboration on here or on social media but the only ones I now say ‘yes’ to are when the brand is one I’ve always liked or it’s a product that I have an interest in and therefore something I think you lot might benefit from finding out about.

What’s My Point?

today is going to be a good day

I took this image when I was in London yesterday and am sharing it purely because I like it!

I could do all of the things, I’m that kind of person, but I know that I am human and therefore cannot sustain that level of activity; my mind simply can’t cope with it. Over the past few months, asking the ‘Why?’ question has not only kept me focused but it has become pretty crucial to my wellbeing so I wanted to share that with you.

Maybe reading this has made you realise that you need to start asking yourself ‘Why?’ a bit more often. A good starting point is asking yourself why you do what you do. If you’re a blogger, why do you blog? If you run your own business, why are you doing it? Then grab a piece of paper or your phone and write down your answers; you might be surprised.

** Top Image courtesy of Evan Dennis

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  • Nikki Thomas

    This is the sort of post that makes me feel relieved. I love blogging, I do make an income from my blog and we do reviews and things but I get so bogged down with all of that sometimes and it is easy to forget why I started the blog in the first place. Like you, i realised long ago that I couldn’t do it all. YouTube is a no go area for me and I try and keep up with Instagram but it ends up being forced and not me. It is important to ask why and to realise that you can’t do it all

    • Suzanne

      I’m sure there are many more of us out there who feel like this Nikki, we just focus on the ones who seem to be managing everything and wondering if we should be too! The answer to that is of course ‘no’. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  • Love this! It’s an important reminder to us all. Although I think you, me and Nikki are pretty much cut from the same cloth on why we do things (but I don’t have the FOMO issues you have and am happy to plod along in my own happy way without ever trying to fit in). Maybe it’s because we’re that bit older and wiser? Maybe we’ve seen too many trends (and people) come and go? Or maybe it’s because we all have kids who would be mortified if we did much more…

    • Suzanne W

      Honestly? I think mine is largely the latter but a little bit of everything probably. I’m happy where I am with blogging and if I ever veer into doing more, I realise it’s not for me.

  • Gail

    Great post, Suzanne, and I think you’re right, why is always a good question! I like blogging and posting on Instagram, but I don’t keep up with Facebook too much, barely ever go on Twitter, and don’t do YouTube. Mainly because I don’t want to give up any more time to social media, and also because the first two are where my interests lie. xx

    • Suzanne W

      You see I love Twitter and have realised it’s probably because I feel able to be honest over there – the other social media outlets feel a bit fake for me. Love Instagram for aesthetically pleasing pictures though 🙂 xx

  • Sarah Christie

    Love this post, You Tube works for me as a support to my blog. People aren’t interested on me over there its all about supporting my big posts ie room tours and resort tours and I like that its more about information that people need rather than me having to talk to a screen. There is so much to be said for doing what suits you and what feels right, I think that is why my blog is a bit of everything because that is what I want to do, I ignored all the voices saying you must have a niche, why? I think asking why is vital x

    • Suzanne W

      I think you just do what works for you and it sounds like you are. Important to take stock every now and again, isn’t it? xx



    This ties in with FOMO, as you mention in the post, but it also ties in with something you posted a little while ago:

    “I think most of us are either a clear Mary OR a Martha. However what God really wants from us is to strike a balance between the two. I realised earlier in the week that unless I am disciplined, Martha always takes over.” […] “Perhaps like me, you fall into this trap without really noticing it. I think it can be a huge stumbling block for anyone whose work is primarily in a church environment. Last year I learnt to say the right kind of ‘Yes’. This year I’m going to remember why I said ‘yes’ and who I’m doing it for. Will you join me?”

    And in a reply to Michelle’s comment:
    “Interesting how the majority of christian women would say ‘Martha’. Why is that?! I really don’t think that’s what Jesus wants. Perhaps it’s the church that has made us that way….”

    • Suzanne

      I read this comment over and over again because I can’t believe how observant you are! Thank you for reminding me that I am actually pretty consistent with my ramblings!

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