Another Friday looms large and what a lot we’ve packed into this week. I’ve managed a lovely bout of online shopping, some stunning dog walks and have even sent off some birthday presents to reach the recipient ON TIME (a rare win in this house). I think that calls for a celebration! We are actually preparing for a celebration this weekend as we head to the Cotswolds to raise a glass to my parents who have been married for 50 years. FIFTY?! Amazing achievement. If you fancy a little nosey, then to follow are this week’s Little Loves… Read I’ve bought myself another book. Told you I was going to commit to this ‘reading for pleasure’ lark. In fact I bought two but am saving one for our holiday… View Post

Crimson leaves, crisp mornings, and…dirty windows. Yes, it’s officially autumn, there’s no doubt about that. Remind me why all the windows suddenly look like something out of Hammer House of Horrors? I might not be keen on the extra cleaning required, but autumn is officially my favourite season; not least because I get to resurrect my cosy knits and ankle boots. With every new season, I get a little bit excited about bringing out my old favourites. But this year was different. This year those ‘old favourites’ looked pretty well-worn (shabby), with some items being three (five) years old. Here’s a tip: if you have to question whether something is fashionable any more? It probably isn’t. Trust me, I share my home with two… View Post

For some reason, this week has dragged by super slowly. Not that I’m wishing my life away you understand, I’ve just been so tired. Every day I’ve woken up, longing for it to be the weekend and for the alarm to be a mistake. Now that we are finally in sniffing distance and I have a girlie overnight break to look forward to, I’m beginning to perk up. So what about the last seven days? Well here are my Little Loves for this week… Read I’ve been on a mission this week, to keep the Mum Meltdown at bay. Although I’m still working on getting to bed earlier, I have been  implementing small acts of self-kindness on a daily basis. Earlier in the week,… View Post

Having spent almost an entire week trying to persuade my daughter’s drama teacher to issue her with a new exam certificate (name spelt correctly this time) I could feel the red mist descending. How can one exam certificate take 9 months for goodness sake? What followed was not pretty…. Private Instagram messages, Facebook posts written on her business page, voicemail messages getting increasingly sterner by the day. I was like a dog with a proverbial bone…a woman possessed. There was no WAY I was going to give up on this one. “Why can’t people just do their job properly?” I shouted at my husband who was cowering in the corner, wondering when it would be his turn to get it in the neck. Stage One This my friends, is a sure… View Post

Most of you know that I’ve been a blogger for quite some time; not writing in this space, but over at 3 Children and It. From time to time, us bloggers like to jump on the back of other people’s ideas…with their permission of course! Coffee, Work, Sleep Repeat is a blog I’ve followed for a long time. The lovely Morgana hosts her ‘Little Loves’ linky every Friday and I’ve been itching to join in with it for ages. I love the idea of sharing 5 things that I’ve discovered/enjoyed during the week and know I will take as much pleasure from having a nosy at other people’s. So without further ado, here are my ‘Little Loves’ for this week…   Read: One thing I’ve promised… View Post